My body was painfully used

“My body was painfully used
For someone so vicious and bad
Until it was scratched and bruised
Changing the life I once had

This body is no longer my own
I tried, but failed to take it
It hurts me when I’m alone
Because someone evil raped it

Now I’m left to survive
With pain inside my heart
As long as I’m alive
I’ll watch my body fall apart

When I cut myself at night
I am only greeted with anger
I know you think it isn’t right
But I don’t want this pain to linger

You cannot feel
My constant terror
And you’ll think I will heal
Until you read my death letter

Why wait until I die
To see my tortured soul
And silently wonder why
It’s my own life that I stole
All you did was sigh
When you saw my blood boil
You heard my desperate cry
And ignored my heart’s turmoil

You see me cut my body
And you think, “How dumb”
Because you are too haughty
To believe that I feel numb

Please, see my mind is killing
Notice that I’m not okay
But understand how I am feeling
And tell me you will stay
Throughout this torturous healing
That I’m going through today
And if you aren’t willing
Then please, go away.”

The picture was sketched by the author of the poem.

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