New Addition to Wall of Shame – Daniel Greer

In May, a federal jury ordered Daniel Greer (and his yeshiva) to pay $20 million dollars in compensative damages to a former student who Greer repeatedly raped and abused years ago.

This followed a civil court proceedings in which two brave victims testified publicly about the abuse they had endured during their time at the yeshiva.

The criminal investigation in this case is ongoing. The police have asked that anyone with further information please contact them at:

Sergent Zannelli: 203-946-6304 ext: 1351

Detective Cuddy: 203-946-6304 ext: 1313

To any other victims out there- we know how hard it can be to tell your story. Please, begin to remove this burden from your shoulders, and help make sure no other children or teens are abused. If you were hurt by Daniel Greer and are in need of support or would like assistance filing a police report, please contact JCW.

You can see Greer’s Wall of Shame listing HERE.

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