New Wall of Shame Addition – Avrumi Weiss – California

After a lengthy and thorough investigation, JCW has determined that we must warn the community of serious and credible allegations against Raphael Avraham (Avrumi) Weiss of molestation, rape and attempted rape, involving multiple male and female minors.

JCW staff members have interviewed numerous parties, including alleged victims, mental health professionals, family members and friends of alleged victims. Our staff have also reviewed documentation and materials that further describe the disturbing and consistent instances of sexual assault of minors ranging in age from five years old to adolescence.

The allegations are severe and numerous, describing acts allegedly perpetrated over the course of decades and in several states and countries.

Avrumi is originally from Miami, Florida, has lived for many years in Bet Shemesh, Israel, and is currently residing in California.

Please share this information and act responsibly to protect your community’s children.

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