New York Civil Lawsuits “Window”


The following is a list of ongoing lawsuits that have been filed against various Jewish institutions in New York state, under the Child Victims Act Window. 

We offer this list to help victims connect directly with attorneys who have already filed suit or are in the process of filing suit, representing other victims of the same abuser or institution where they were abused. 

Defendant 1Defendant 2Defendant 23Community Years of abusevictimsLaw FirmContact
Yeshiva UniversityGeorge FinkelsteinRichard Andron Modern Orthodox1960’s to 1990’s38Mulhearn & Dowd(845)-222-809
Yeshiva Tora TemimaJoel KolkoJoel FalkLitvish/Yeshivish1960’s to 1990′1Joseph B. Strassman(516) 766-7077
Yeshiva UniversityMarc GafniModern Orthodox1980’s1Okun, Oddo & Babat212-642-0950
Camp Ramah in the Berkshires
Conservative1970’s15Joseph & Norensburg Law
[email protected]

212 227-5776

The CVA “window” applies from August 14th 2019 until August 13th 2020. You can find additional information about the Child Victim Act and your rights as a survivor here and here

If you have information regarding an ongoing lawsuit that is not listed on this page, please send the relevant information to [email protected] The list is being updated regularly and frequently.

If you were abused in one of the institutions listed you are not required to use the same attorney who is currently representing the other victims in the case, but doing so may strengthen your case and the cases of your fellow victims.

Disclaimer: Appearing on this list does not constitute an endorsement from Jewish Community Watch for any particular attorney. JCW receives no compensation from any of the attorneys listed. JCW does not have any further involvement in many of the cases listed.