One moment in time

When you close your eyes and try to sleep

When the cliff you’re climbing is way too steep

When the pain is so great that you want to let go

When there are so many things you don’t want to know

When you hear the hatred in his voice

When the moment comes and you have no choice

When his hands and fingers dance over your skin

That second you know it will happen again

When you see that to him it was just a game

When you realize you have lost and it won’t be the same

When your eyes squeeze shut and your fist clench tight

When you know you are helpless, it’s useless to fight

When you know that he’s bigger and stronger than you

The second you realize that it’s real and it’s true

The moment when time just seems to stand still

The second he takes you and it’s against your will

When you know that you’re weak and you know that you’re small

And any resistance you offer won’t matter at all

When the hurt is so great that you stifle a shout

The time when it hits you that you’ll never get out

When he owns your body and destroys your soul

When his actions and words have taken their toll

When you cease to exist, when he owns who you are

When you dream of running but don’t get too far

In that pivotal moment when you first sense the change

When time stands still, when it all feels so strange

When all of the hoping and praying is done

When you let out your breath, when it’s over, he’s won.

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