Parents of 10 children accused of beating them with a hammer, a bar and with dragging them down the stairs

The Jerusalem prosecutors indicted three suspects in the Jerusalem court, parents and their son, for abuse and other serious crimes against the girls of the family. According to the indictment, the parents were physically violent to their children, and would regularly hit them, throw objects at them, and lock them in their rooms or outside the house for long periods of time.

The investigation against the parents, Haredi Jerusalem residents with ten children,  has been ongoing since 2016. They were arrested with their son this week.

According to the indictment which BeHadrei Haredim obtained, the parents beat their children severely for dressing immodestly, or not waking up for tefila. Their punishments included stripping the children before beating them and beating them in the street.

The indictment claims that they constantly blamed their children, threw and smashed objects, cursed, threatened, and kept them afraid. The mother would pull the children’s hair, pinch them, scratch them, leave bruises, throw them out of bed and into the streets. On two occasions, the father allegedly tore the clothes off his daughter for dressing immodestly. He also beat her with a hammer. The children were often beaten with a bar on their sensitive areas.

Their son is accused of serious offences against two of his younger sisters.
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