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PARENTtalk Archives


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A Community-Based Approach to Healing Families   (Fall 2007)

  • Finding a respectful partnership between parents and professionals.
  • Learn about an alternative to institutionalized care for youth.
  • Resources for specialized treatment.
  • Guest column by Steve Gilbertson, MS

Loving Them Both (Spring 2005)

  • How to cope when both the abuser and the victim are your children.
  • Promoting healthy sexuality in young people with sexual behavior problems.
  • Guest column by Steve Brown, PsyD

Support Groups for Parents *(Fall 2004)

  • Four stories from parents in a caregiver support group.
  • Why parents need support in order to help their children.
  • Guest column by Dan Knoepfler, MC

When Abuse Hits Home (Spring 2004)

  • What to expect in the aftermath of abuse– understanding what a family will face.
  • What to consider when looking for treatment for your child.
  • Guest column by Steven Bengis, Ed D, LCSW

Stronger and Wiser  (Spring 2002)

  • Facing recovery and breaking the isolation, families seek help, come together and heal.
  • Parents of children with sexual behavior problems share with Stop It Now!.
  • Guest column by: David Prescott, MSW

Parent to Parent: How You Can Help  (Winter 2001)

  • Books that help: Healing books for children, youth and their parents.
  • How you can find the books you’ll need.
  • Guest column by Euan Bear

They’ve Moved Forward, Forever Changed (Summer 2000)

  • The light at the end of the tunnel–family follow-up from Summer 1998 issue.
  • What to do to support safer behavior in children with sexual behavior problems.
  • Guest column by Patti Cutler, M Ed, LMHC

Parents Breaking the Isolation: An Evening Just for Parents  (Spring 2000)

  • A parent focus group at the New England Conference on Child Sexual Abuse.
  • How to prevent re-offending – safety, supervision and communication.
  • Guest column by David Prescott, LICSW

Loving Them for Telling the Truth: Healing the Victim and the Younger Offender (Winter 2000)

  • Healing the victim and the young offender.
  • Responding to concerning sexual behavior in young children.
  • Guest column by Toni Cavanagh Johnson, PhD

A Family Sustained and Nourished with Openness   (Spring 1999)

  • Turning lives around: With help families can heal from multiple traumas.
  • Managing the accusation and the grief of discovery.
  • Also includes: “Supervision of Your Child”.
  • Guest column by William Ballantyne, PsyD

Love & Communication Guide Family to Recovery  (Winter 1999)

  • One parent’s story about the path to healing.
  • Sharing the secret and how to talk about this.

A Family’s Road to Healing (Fall 1998)

  • The importance of trusting your instincts about your children.
  • Dos & don’ts of loving your child with sexual behavior problems.
  • Guest column by Tiff Waskowicz

A Message of Hope and Courage (Summer 1998)

  • Treatment is out there and it works; survivors and abusers are not “damaged for life”.
  • What other behaviors to watch for.
  • Guest column by Rob Freeman-Longo, MRC, LPC

The Most Difficult Decision of My Life  (Spring 1998)

  • Deciding to report sexual offenses committed by your child.
  • What is age appropriate sexual behavior?



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