Pervert Arrested for Exposing Himself Near Rehavia Neighborhood of Jerusalem

MYnet-Jerusalem Reported:

The police arrested a young man (29) in Haredi garb last week on suspicion of sexual harassment and indecent sexual acts against underage children. According to the report, he came to Emek Hamatzlava in the afternoon, stood in front of the two girls, aged four and five, and began to touch and sexually stimulate himself.
Shortly after the incident, he was arrested, interrogated, and warned . Police are now suspicious that this is a serial harasser and are trying to link this story to many recent reports received by the main police dispatch. According to those reports, citizens called to complain that they saw an Haredi man in the Emek Hamatzlava being sexually inappropriate in public. The reports repeated the claims that this is a young man who harasses very young girls.
Despite all the reports received so far, the police had not yet been able to find a suspect.
In the incident last week, police arrived several minutes after the incident and managed to arrest the 29-year-old suspect. He was located in the area and taken for interrogation. The city’s magistrate court extended his remand by one day only, and on his second day of remand, he was released to house arrest.
The police said that the investigation was continuing in an effort to determine whether there were any more victims.


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