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By: Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

Since we posted this email on Friday  regarding the defamation lawsuit filed against me by convicted, registered level-3 sex offender Yona Weinberg, I was contacted by more than a few people with first-hand information about him that is giving me a very, very bad feeling that there is far more to this case than is currently known.

I ask people who have information about other alleged incidents with Yona Weinberg – in particular, but not limited to, camping or vacation trips taken with him, possible incidents in summer camps or high school dormitories, and more recently, children/young teens who being invited to watch movies or play video games with him – to report them to Detective Maureen Sheehan of The Special Victims Unit of The NYC Police Department.

Detective Sheehan can be reached at 646-610-7272 or emailed to [email protected]. I just spoke to Detective Sheehan who assured me that all communication with her will be treated in the strictest confidence.

It is and has always been our practice to encourage all victims to report abuse allegations directly to the proper authorities. Having said that, if you want information about how the process works, feel free to email me at [email protected]. I am the only one who has access to those emails and whatever you share will be treated as confidential.

Two Additional Points

1)      Detective Maureen Sheehan confirms that Yona Weinberg, is wanted by the NYC Special Victims Unit for an active complaint by a child unrelated to the original sex crimes for which Weinberg was convicted and served 13 months in jail. Mr. Weinberg will be immediately arrested upon return to the USA for that additional complaint.

2)      Detective Sheehan informed me that she has spoken to additional children allegedly abused by Weinberg unrelated to the original abused children for which he was prosecuted and unrelated to the alleged child for whom the current complaint was made.

One might make the case that we should avoid sordid matters like this as we prepare to stand before Hashem on Yom Kippur. I respectfully suggest that saving a single child from being victimized just might be the holiest thing we can do in these troubling times.

Best wishes for a G’mar  Chasima Tova,

Yakov Horowitz

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