Rabbi Convicted Of Child Molestation Must Register As Sex Offender In Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Courier Reports:

By Victoria Talbot

In a hearing on May 15, convicted child molester Mendel Tevel was classified by the state of New York as a Level 2 risk, a “moderate risk of repeat offense,” meaning he must register as a child molester in Beverly Hills, where he now resides, according to the New York State Sex Offender Registry.

In the past week, his address has changed from a Brooklyn address to the 200 block of N. Palm Drive in Beverly Hills.

Tevel is not currently registered, pursuant to Megan’s Law in California, but he has five days from his arrival in the City to selfreport and file paperwork at the BHPD.

Mendel Tevel was arrested in October 2013 at the JEM Community Center, where he was employed, and extradited to New York. The JEM Center, now the One Lev Center, is a Jewish youth sports center

Ten young men came forward with accounts of abuse, including being whipped with a wire hanger to bleeding. Only one of the victims came under the five-year statute of limitations from the time of the assault, which took place in New York.

Tevel faced 37 counts of sexual abuse in New York.

He subsequently moved to California and married.

He pled guilty to two counts of “criminal sexual acts in the third degree,” and was sentenced to one year in prison. The third degree means “anal or oral sex with someone who is a minor or is otherwise incapable of providing legal consent,” according to New York State law, the least harsh offense.

His sentence was reduced to seven months for good behavior, and he returned to Beverly Hills last spring, as reported in the Courier.

Since then, he has reportedly undergone over 20 “risk level hearings” in New York related to his status, which ended with Tevel receiving a Level 2 status on May 15.

He was not required to register in the State of California prior to May 15 because of a “technical error,” which entitled him to the hearings after his release. Normal procedure is to determine the risk level prior to release.

Tevel is the son-in-law of Rabbi Hertzel Illulian, founder and director of the JEM youth center, renamed the Lev One Center last summer.

According to a parent at Horace Mann Elementary School, flyers advertising the Lev One summer camp were being handed out while parents were dropping of their children last week. BHUSD did not return calls to confirm or deny, nor did they confirm or deny if it is legal to hand out materials at the school.

Illulian has repudiated that Tevel is a sex offender in the past, telling the Jewish Journal last year, “All your articles are not true. Everybody knows [the truth] except the people who like to get headlines.”

Bracha Illulian, Tevel’s wife, reportedly harassed the victim (who testified against him) and his family, according to reports.

The Illulian family, including Bracha, will be conducting a retreat with renowned speaker and author Manis Friedman, who famously compared the impact of child abuse on survivors to a case of diarrhea.

Friedman’s son, Rabbi Nisson Friedman, was fired from teaching in February at Yeshiva Boys School of Pittsburgh after multiple allegations of child sexual abuse. His wife has filed for divorce and begun custody proceedings. The Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reported Feb. 22, “According to his wife’s filing, Mr. Friedman ‘is currently under investigation in Pittsburgh, PA for at least one incident of child sexual abuse with a minor other than (the couple’s own) child. These allegations … relate to the Pittsburgh school at which (Mr. Friedman) was employed at the time. He was fired shortly thereafter.’”

The upcoming JEM Community Center Retreat is to be in Palm Springs at the Miramonte Resort and Spa May 30-June 2, and features kid’s programs, according to the brochure.

“The fact that the world renowned Manis Friedman is partnering with the Illulians. . . shows that he has zero remorse for his past hurtful comments about sexual abuse,” said Meyer Seewald, of Jewish Community Watch. “Mendel Tevel is a danger to our children and people in the community must be warned.”

Seewald is the founder of Jewish Community Watch and the Wall of Shame, which has featured Tevel several times.

Seewald reached out to the Courier to report Tevel’s status change, which can be confirmed on the New York State Sex Offenders Registry atwww.criminaljustice.ny.gov/ns

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