Rabbi Grossman Retracts Malka Leifer Offer. Statement and Response from JCW

Official Statement from Rabbi Grossman Enterprise מפעולות הרב גרוסמן

Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman informed the parties this morning, Monday 12/03, that he is unable to assist in Malka Leifer’s legal case.

Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Israel Prize recipient, has dedicated, and continuous to dedicate, his life to assisting the disadvantaged, families at need, at-risk children and youth, rehabilitating newly repatriated inmates, and any other person in trouble, all of this out of concern for the maintenance of healthy society.

The Rabbi has responded to every plea of humanitarian assistance of any kind, and so he did when he was called upon to assist in the hearing on Malka Leifer’s matter.

As the Rabbi Discovered that the assistance he had agreed to provide as an alternative to arrest for the solution of the problem facing the court, has been interpreted as supporting an attempt to avoid trial, he decided that it would not be appropriate for him to be involved. Therefore, he has notified the parties that he is unable to assist in the aforementioned matter.

Rabbi Grossman has dedicated his life to protecting the weal, especially children, and sees child abuse as the worst of all injustices. The Rabbi recognizes the pain and suffering of the victims of sexual assault and has treated them with dedication and care for many years.




Response from Meyer Seewald, founding director of JCW

For four days we’ve waiting for this public statement to come out, hopeful that the final version would do justice to the severe mistake that had been made.

I’m so glad that Rabbi Grossman did decide to pull his support and agreement to supervise Leifer on house arrest.
However the glaring hole in this apology is- an actual apology.

I still hope Rabbi Grossman will offer an apology to Dassie, Nicole, and Elly for the pain and betrayal his statements and actions caused them.

I would also like to point out that this positive development was a result of concerned members of the wider Jewish community taking a stance against protecting child sexual abusers. In that sense, this is another milestone in our mission to combat child sexual abuse in the Jewish community.


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