I was raped by a pedophile who fled to Israel. Here’s what the government must do

First of all, I have to thank Jewish Community Watch for all the amazing and self-sacrifice work they do day in and night out in order to save precious, pure souls.

And now for the painful subject.

I’m not here to attack, but to change the situation. I thought that the State of Israel cared about the life of all of its citizens, but I am very disappointed to tell you that they do not care enough. There is a large and frightening number of Israeli citizens who have a daily threat, some of whom have no idea at all, (as happened to my parents). Unfortunately, I have a tragic and painful personal experience that illustrates this disturbing reality.

When I was a five year old little girl, a foreign man moved in across the hall from my family’s apartment. He wasn’t an ordinary man. He was a criminal, and I was his new target of interest. I endured two painful years of repeated abuse, assault, and rape. He stole my body, my childhood, and my innocence, and I will never be without daily accounts of post traumatic stress syndrome, severe anxiety, pain, nightmares, and fears. The worst part of this all? He should have never been allowed into the country in the first place.

This  pedophile fled to Israel to escape his criminal convictions of child molestation in another country. He underwent routine screening for Israeli citizenship, was approved without issue, successfully made aliyah, and moved in right next door to me. To this day he lives as a free man walking the streets in Israel as a pedophile and continues to harm many children and families.

To all Israeli citizens and members of the Knesset, without exception!! It is time to stop ignoring a massive issue missing in Israeli law. Open your eyes and look at the the painful truth. Stop acting naive and face the disturbing fact the the government is not thoroughly screening foreigners for right of citizenship to Israel. The Israeli government and security system is allowing criminals to enter the country and harm the Israeli community at large. It is time to start fighting for justice, safety, and security for each and every Israeli citizen. In order to ensure that safety and security, a new, clear law in the Knesset must be passed:

The reformed law is as follows:

1. No permit for entry of citizens and foreigners into Israel without a comprehensive history of passport and ID.

2. No permit for entry to pedophiles to visit, live, and make aliyah to Israel,

3. A pedophile may not be released freely without knowledge and proper safeguards in place for the general public.

These ordinances are founded on the basic rights that no Israeli citizen should have to live in fear and harm for their own freedom. It is against the rights of all Israeli citizens and is completely unfair and utterly ridiculous that no such law exists in Israel to this day!!! 

If these laws were in place when I was 5 years old, my abuse and rape would have never happened. I cannot change what happened to my past, but with the help of the Israeli community and government I hope we can change and create a future void of preventable child molestation and abuse.

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