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A ‘respected’ religious teacher has gone on trial accused of sex attacks on schoolgirls.

Todros Grynhaus, 50, who has taught in Jewish schools, is accused of exposing himself to one alleged victim he was ‘obsessed’ with, treating her as a ‘plaything’ and taking her to a hotel where he abused her in a jacuzzi.

He is said to have told another ‘vulnerable’ girl ‘you may as well make yourself useful’ as he subjected her to a sex attack.

She alleges that Mr Grynhaus on another occasion showed her a passage of scripture ‘about sex’, and that on another his wife caught him in her bedroom.

Dad-of-ten Mr Grynhaus, of Castleton Road, Salford, denies five indecent assaults and one sexual assault against two victims.

Manchester Crown Court heard that Mr Grynhaus belongs to the Haredi Orthodox Jewish community.

Opening the case, Alistair Webster QC said: “It is, you will hear, a closed community … and in this community Todros Grynhaus was, on the surface, a man to be respected. Son of a rabbi, he taught at various Jewish schools in the UK and abroad.”

The first complainant is said to have faced a ‘range of sexual motivated behaviour’ from the ages of 13 to 15, and been subjected to 20 attacks.

Mr Grynhaus is said to have started out by ‘insisting’ on seeing her in a bra, before subjecting her to a serious sex attack.

“She told him repeatedly she didn’t want to do it, she knew it was wrong.

“He tried to reassure her, saying ‘its really not too bad, give it a try’. He forced her”, Mr Webster said.

Mr Webster said there was ‘absolutely no tradition of going with such matters to the police and virtually no sex education’ for girls in their community.

“Imagine the position in which these two youngsters found themselves. The likely effect of them making a report (to police) – each one would be regarded as something called a moser – a ‘grass’ – and effectively ostracised”, he said.

In police interview, Mr Grynhaus is said to have said informers ‘ruined their lives’ and would be ‘shunned by the community’.

He denies all the offences, which came to light in 2012.

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