Researchers are using AI to detect sexual abuse – your help needed

Haifa University and Anima-ey are in the process of developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to detect sexual abuse experiences among children and youth. This project is an important one with powerful potential implications for detection (and early intervention) of CSA.

They are seeking members of the general public to participate in this important research project. The following is information about the research, provided by the university. Your time and willingness to help is appreciated!

Using sophisticated algorithms validated by Watson IBM and technologies based on AI, big data and machine learning coupled with psychological and academic research, the solution can track self-figure drawings created by children (above the age of 4) by collecting key parameters. The self-figure drawing itself can be drawn on mobiles, tablets, or A4 paper.

Based on previous evidence indicating four indicators in self-figure drawing of sexually abused survivors that differ from non-sexually abused survivors, we conducted the first stage of the study (500 self-figure drawings of sexually abused vs 500 self-figure drawings of –as far as was known—non-abused).

The results were auspicious – the AI system identified 76% of victims within the known victims’ participants, and 36% from the unknown abused sample (similar to the estimated prevalence). Because our goal is to achieve 95% accuracy and cross-culturally validate it, we need thousands of self-figure drawings from all over all the world.

We have received Ethical approval from the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Welfare, and several medical centers in Israel. Additionally, we established a consortium of leading professors on these from Australia (Prof McInnes), US (Prof Geffner president of IVAT), South Africa (Prof Blockland) and others.

Below are two links, the first is a short movie explaining the project and its rational, the second the link for uploading the self-figure drawing with a short questionnaire.

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