Seminary Teacher Raped 10’s of His Employees at Previous Job

Translated from this Israel Channel 2 report:

A Jerusalem resident, who teaches in a girls seminary in central Israel, was arrested for raping young women, between the ages of 17-20, within the ultra-orthodox community, who he employed in his Jerusalem based office.

Based on the reports given to the police, the victims were threatened by their employer, that he would tell their Rabbis and families that they were acting sexually if they refused sex with him.

For the past 2 weeks, there has been an active undercover investigation against this individual after police received a tip from Lo Tishtok, an organization which handles sexual abuse within the ultra-orthodox communities in Israel.

The perpetrator groomed his employees with promises of promotions and raises, once he was close enough to them, he would embarrass them and make them feel worthless, and rape them.

Since the ruling of the Beit Din, this man has gone on to rape a least 3 other women. All of whom could have been protected, had this girl gone to the police.

Lately, this man has filed bankruptcy and began working as the principal of a girls seminary. There is an ongoing investigation into whether he raped any teachers or students at this school.

To date, 6 women have come forward but the police believe that the number is much greater but that the women are not coming forward out of fear. All women who have been abused by this man are being asked to come forward to ensure that this man is unable to hurt anyone else again

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