Shabbat Guest Sentenced to 34-Years for Molesting Multiple Children

Michael Revzin, of Milwaukee, has been sentenced to 21 years in prison and 13 years of extended supervision after he had been arrested for sexually abusing and exposing himself to two different children under the age of 13. As part of a plea deal, four other charges of sexual abuse were dismissed. The victims were abused while Revzin was visiting their homes for a Shabbat meal.

He originally plead guilty and was to be sentenced in February, but the hearing was postponed after his attorney claimed he was incompetent. Following this, he went through five evaluations and has since been ruled competent.

At the hearing, a local rabbi acted as a character witness for Revzin, told the court that after hearing the allegations he asked other rabbis and members of the community if they knew of any attempts by Revzin to molest other children, they all answered in the negative. To this end, they continued to invite Revzin to their homes for Shabbat, allowing him contact with their children.

The father of both of the victims told the court that he believes Revzin to be extremely dangerous due to the fact that he abused children even while the parents were in the next room and because many in the community continue to believe that he is innocent. For that reason, he warned, even when the perpetrator is released he will still pose a great threat as he will once again be granted access to children of the community.

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