Do you know a child or adolescent who is:

  • Confused about social rules and interactions?
  • May experience typical gestures of friendliness or affection as sexual?
  • Explores his or her own natural sexual curiosity with younger children or those of differing size, status, ability, or power?
  • Seeks out the company of younger children and spends an unusual amount of time with them rather than with peers?
  • Takes younger children to “secret” places or hideaways or plays “special” games with them (e.g. playing doctor, undressing or touching games, etc.)?
  • Insists on physical contact with a child when the child resists the attention?
  • Anxious, depressed or seeming to need help?
  • Tells you they do not want to be alone with a child, or group of children, or becomes anxious about being with a particular young person?
  • Was physically, sexually or emotionally abused and has not been offered adequate resources and support for recovery?
  • Seems to be crying for help, i.e. behaves as if they want to be caught; leaves “clues” or acts in ways that seem likely to provoke a discussion about sexual issues?
  • Impulsively sexual or aggressive?
  • Links sexuality and aggression in language or behavior (e.g. makes sexual threats or insults)?
  • Unable to control inappropriate sexual behaviors involving another child after being told to stop?
  • Engages in sexually harassing behavior?
  • Shares alcohol, drugs, or sexual material with younger children or teens?
  • Views sexual images of children on the Internet or elsewhere?
  • Forces sexual interaction, including direct contact and non-contact (like exposing genitals) on another adolescent or child?


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