Walla Reports: On Wednesday, Jerusalem’s District Attorney filed charges in the district court against Aaron Sholomo (Solomon) job Leeson, a teacher at the Talmud Torah in Beitar Illit. He is charged for committing indecent acts against  three minors. The indictment against Leeson, 32, describes in detail the acts committed against the children from the years 2009-2014.

In one case, according to the indictment, he asked a student to help him arrange things in a building where he lives. During their work, he locked the shed, and asked the student to sit on his lap. As the young child sat on his lap, Leeson began to stroke the child’s body to elicit arousal and sexual gratification. In two other cases, the indictment describes how Leeson pressed himself against the child’s body – once in a synagogue and once in the mikveh – for  the purpose of satisfying his sexual desires.

According to the indictment Leeson’s actions also included two other boys. In one case the indictment alleges that Leeson clung to the student from behind, hugging him and then reach around to touch him penis. As he did this, he told the student said that he is “a good boy”. In another case, according to the indictment, Leeson asked a child to come  to his house to help him clean for Passover. At some point during the cleaning, Leeson grabbed the child and rubbed his penis.

The third boy abused by Leeson, the indictment continues, was abused as often as  several times a week, between the years 2012 and 2014. Leeson asked him to help him in his home in Beitar Illit to help him with various matters. When he would come over, Leeson would hug the child, pat him on the cheeks, and rub his legs and feet.

Along with the filing of the indictment, the prosecution asked the court to extend the termination against the teacher until the legal proceedings brought against him are finalized.


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