The Murder of a Sunny Little Girl

I was a little girl, carefree 
Running free outdoors
Laughing, giggling, playing
Big bows slipping out of tight curls
I would climb trees and jump down
Play ball and chase all the boys
Collect bugs and build forts
I was full of joy, there was no reason not to be
But that happiness was shortlived
It wasn’t meant to last, I suppose
And then my childhood was stolen from me
Stabbed in the heart, strangled at the neck
The sunny days turned grey and bleak
Skipping and hopping slowed down to trudging steps 
What were once eyes lit up with laughter
Now stared blankly ahead lifelessly
I no longer went outdoors to play
I was not happy and full of joy
Instead I stayed home, slept too much 
Became withdrawn and sad
He stole my childhood
He murdered the deepest part of my soul
Those years I can never get back 
That life I can never relive
But maybe, just maybe, I can live the rest of my life with renewed joy.
It’s not over and that little girl is screaming to live again.
Republished from manytearsago
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