Tracking Pedophiles In Israel – כך עוקבים אחרי פדופילים מורשעים

חדשות 2: כך עוקבים אחרי פדופילים מורשעים


A fascinating and chilling look at a special unit in the Israeli prison service which tracks released pedophiles

This unit goes undercover and blends into the local environment in order to monitor sex offenders with the highest risk of reoffending. They track them to make sure they are not violating the terms of their release, which include entering schools or playgrounds.

According to the prison service, at least one in five sex offenders goes on to reoffend after release.

Because it is impossible to monitor all 1,200 sex offenders on their registry at all times, the unit will call their targets and question them why they were at a particular location at a specific time. These psychological manipulations give the abusers the impression they are always being watched.

In addition to tracking these abusers, the unit acts a as a type of parole officers to them. They meet with the offenders periodically and the abusers can call the officers if they feel an urge to abuse again.

It should be noted that Israel does not have a public sex offender registry and that sex offenders who immigrate from foreign countries are in most cases not on any registry in Israel.

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