Tzfat Pediatrician arrested for Attempted Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Translated from Yisrael Hayom. 

By Nicky Guttman,

A pediatrician living in Northern Israel was arrested after he allegedly arranged to meet a 14-year-old boy for a sexual encounter. His arrest was brought about by Avi Dubitzky, the “pedophile hunter”, who told Yisrael Hayom about the incident.

Dubitzky imitated a 14-year-old boy and arranged with the doctor to meet in Ashkelon. Dubitzky explained: “He started to write to me a week earlier, and told me he was a consultant working in the security industry. He asked if I had sexual experience and if I had been with boys. I told him I hadn’t, and he asked for a photo and sent back a photo of an adult, at least 60 years old.”

“As soon as I realized he was a doctor, I pushed harder to understand his intentions, and he told me ‘the most important thing is that you’ll have a smile on your face’. He wanted to take me to a movie on Monday and to explain to me that he uses condoms. I told him explicitly that he was talking to a minor, and he replied that I needed to make sure my parents didn’t find out,” explained Dubitzky

The police stated that “Israel Police recently arrested a man in his sixties, a resident of the North, on suspicion of arranging to meet a 14-year-old boy in Ashkelon. The arrest was executed at the time the suspect arrived at the arranged meeting place after he had spoken online with the boy.”

“The suspect was taken for questioning at the Ashkelon police station and tomorrow the police will see to extend his arrest”, added the police spokesperson.

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