Van Driver Suspected of Molesting Children

Efrat Forsher

Translated from Yisrael Hayom

Samaria District Police arrested a 55-year-old shuttle driver and resident of the Kalansua Triangle who is suspected of molesting girls in a settlement in Samaria. The investigation began several weeks ago, following a complaint filed by the mother of an 11 year-old girl, who claimed that her daughter had told her that the bus driver had touched her.

The worried mother was not settled with just complaining to the police but also made an announcement on the Whatsapp group of the children’s parents. In response, other parents also reported that they had been suspicious of similar actions towards their daughters on the part of the bus driver. These parents also filed complaints with the police, totaling 15 complaints of girls aged 10-11 who had fallen victim to the suspect’s escapades. The investigation of the children took place in Beit Lin in Tel Hashomer, in cooperation with the social services and the police.

Our investigation showed the pattern that the bus driver would call a child to the front of the bus during a trip and, while they were talking microphone installed there, he would touch and stroke their private parts. It is suspected that the shuttle driver’s conduct was carried out over a long period of several months as he got closer and became liked by the girls, whom they referred to as “Yossi”. The girls’ parents’ testimonies indicate that during the period in which the driver allegedly carried out the acts the children experienced radical changes in mental condition.

The driver was arrested and in his interrogation last week, denied all the allegations against him. His detention was extended until Thursday and this morning the police, together with the prosecutor’s office, will submit the prosecutor’s statement to be filed towards the indictment of the bus driver.

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