[WATCH] Charedim protest against Berland in Rechovot

Tens of Charedim and others protested last week against a Shiur by convicted sex offender Rabbi Eliezer Berland in Rechovot.

When it was announced last month that Berland would be speaking at a Shul in Rechovot, the Mayor of the city, Rahamim Malul, convinced the owner of the Shul to cancel the invite. Berland’s supporters then rented a hall which also eventually canceled. They finally found another hall which agreed to host them.

Waiting outside of the hall were a group of vocal demonstrators who chanted slogans and held signs against Berland. As Berland’s supporters left the event, some of them threw things at and assaulted the protestors. 

This is not the first time Charedim have protested against Berland. He faced similar scenes in Kiryat Gat, Bat Yam and Modin Illit.

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