I am reliving what happened to me as a victim, but this time there is a different victim.

I am trying to feel good about saving someone’s future, but in that process a family is falling apart.

I am relieved that for an undetermined number of years he will not have the opportunity to repeat himself, but it is heartbreaking to imagine him behind bars.

I want to feel my own pain, but all I can feel is the pain of each person affected by this tragedy.

I want to go back to me as an innocent child, but I know his last victim will never be able to do so.

I know I made the right choice, but I want everyone to know the right choice doesn’t always feel good or make the situation easy.

I know that not everyone will believe this, but that is okay because I didn’t do this for them.

I did this for those that are concerned for their children’s safety, but right now I need all of your support.

I also did this for the possibility of the perpetrator being a repeat offender, but I need you all to understand that it happened because of me.

I need you all to acknowledge we all talk about safety, but if we don’t take action then no matter what nothing happens on its own.

I want to get the message out that I took the steps, but without MEYER SEEWALD I wouldn’t have anywhere to turn to.

The abuse would have continued.

The victim would turn to unhealthy coping skills.

There could have been additional victims.

But the chance of that happening again significantly decreased.

Because now people know.

And they could choose to believe.

Choose to educate their children.

Choose to do their best to prevent a new victim.

Choose to let perpetrators know that there are consequences.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your support.

Most of all thank you Meyer for having the courage to share your pain, have a vision and working every day to improve it.
-Written by a victim who is struggling to survive.


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