A few years ago, sadly, I found out that my daughter had been abused. I didn’t know any details, but with all the pain in my heart, I believed her and on that day our lives changed forever.

We moved to a new state, a new place with a new hope and we knocked on a lot of doors trying to reach people and doctors. Slowly, slowly we together went forward, step by step, with many doors closing on us and others opening. But the only thing that mattered to us was keeping the family together and supporting each other.

We learned how to help my daughter stay alive despite the many obstacles, many sleepless nights and thousands of tears. To me, as a mother, the only thing that mattered was that my daughter was safe, secure, and happy. But it was a very hard path, where people judged without knowing what really happened and without knowing that these children are the most beautiful souls out there, and without knowing that the only thing they need is love and acceptance, not rejection and judging (like looking at how someone lets their daughter dress and assuming that she is off of the derech, and that her parents don’t know how to raise them).

Sadly, our path through abuse had only just started. A few years after we worked hard to help my daughter, we found out that my son had the same story. The same people who attacked us, now had even more to add. If is painful to watch your own daughter suffering, but I can’t explain how painful it is to see your son going through the same suffering.

Later, we found out that my third child endured the same.

There are no words to describe the pain, the sense of failure, for failing to keep our kids safe. We failed to find out in time and I will never will forgive myself for that. But with all the pain and suffering, we tried to keep strong and fought for the lives of our children. Now I understand that my mistake was only that I had sent my kids to school. After all, who hurts an innocent 7 year-old girl or boy? It was beyond comprehending, and we spent years looking for help and support and hope.

But we were unable to afford a new place for my son to go to school and get the help that he needed, and also work with my two daughters, so our future was unclear and it didn’t looked so good. But the day came that we found out about a talk about abuse, a night of awareness and education about abuse in our city and we counted down the days.

Now I can tell everyone that Jewish Community Watch changed our lives. We found a new family and friends. Now the future looks bright and, I know that there will be hard days too, but we’re not alone anymore because we have the support of the most amazing people I have ever met. I encourage everyone to attend their events and to support them because, sadly, child sexual abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere. To be able to learn how to educate our children ourselves, as a community, can make a big difference.

Thank you to all the staff of JCW and keep up the hard work because you are saving the lives of innocent children and heartbroken parents. Thank you for bringing light to our darkness.


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