Why Is Mendy Tevel Still Not On The Sex Offender Registry?

Frum Follies reports:

On June 8, 2015 ~33-year-old (born 1983) Menachem Tewel (aka Mendy Tevel) was sentenced to one year of imprisonment for repeatedly performing oral sex on a 14-year-old camper over a period of a year.

Risk level assessments for placement on the Offender Registry are normally held before defendants are released. These hearings assign a classification based on the convict’s likelihood of re-offending.

After release, an offender has 10 days to complete registration with information about address, employer, car details, and a recent photo. If they fail to register within those ten days they have committed a new crime and will be arrested and charged. If they are classified at the higher risk levels of 2 or 3, the information is available to the public. If only classified at level 1, the information is only available to law enforcement and other approved parties.

Tevel has now had 9 scheduled risk level assessments with no determination. His tenth is scheduled for Wednesday, July 27th, again in front of Judge Elizabeth Foley. (See schedule of appearances below).

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