Words of advice from one survivor to another

Last month JCW Israel finished its first women’s survivors support group in Jerusalem. At the end of the group we asked the amazing participants to share their words of wisdom and advice to survivors.


Here is the last of a series essays we have shared over the past month.



don’t ever judge yourself for how you choose to cope.

remember that you have so much inner strength. I hope you can recognize it.

take care of your precious self.


that you are a courageous soul.

that you are NOT alone.

that you are worthy of respect.


that our tears could heal our pain and make this world a safer place.

that you will be comforted.

that you can allow yourself to heal according to your own pace (even when you’re crawling or taking a nap.)

Stay strong. *warm hug*. Much love always,

your fellow warrior sisters


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